The Pesedjet

The Pesedjet is a Tribe of Gods claims Egypt as an ancestral home in the mundane world. The Deities of the Pesedjet claim origins that go back over 7,000 years to the banks of the Nile River in northeastern Africa.

As a pantheon, the Pesedjet concerns itself with ma’at, Justice expressed through social order. For the Pesedjet, everyone must know his or her place, and each post must be filled with the right person.

In the time before times, the Titans destroyed appropriate relationships between people, and the Pesedjet created a social order in which people could live knowing their place within an established hierarchy.

Pesedjet Scions tend to concern themselves with disruptions in social stability, typically caused by the Titan’s actions. Refugee movements, discontent caused by spiritual poverty and unemployment, revolutionary movements. These activities, and more, cause disturbances in the mythic realms drawing the attention of the Pesedjet. The other pantheons view the Pesedjet as hidebound and conservative, but grant that the Gods of Ancient Egypt really know how to impose long lasting order in a chaotic world.

he Pesedjet’s greatest weakness is their commitment to stability at any cost. These gods, and their Scions, will prefer a solution that has the least disruption, trusting in old patterns to maintain the status quo. Other tribes of divinity find this attitude frustrating. Old patterns allowed the Titans to break free, why perpetuate systems that may be so easily placed off kilter? Still the Egyptian deities promote tradition and conservatism as bulwarks against chaos, leaving close-knit but reactionary societies in their wake.


The Pesedjet

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