Scion LARP will use RPS to determine to the outcome of any challenge.

challenges may be simple, static, or contested.

A simple challenge will typically be a win or loss, if the player throws the same symbol as the ST it will be considered a win unless otherwise noted in the mechanics calling for a simple challenge. There are no retests for simples.

A static challenge will involve a player using a test pool against a set difficulty. Difficulties can range from a 5, for an easy mundane task, to 30 for a godlike feat. If the player and ST both throw the same sign, the player will compare their test pool against the static difficulty. If they meet or exceed the difficulty, the player wins the challenge. The player may use ONE retest. You may attempt to Puny Mortal a static test.

A contested challenge will involve one player trying to affect another player or npc. Both parties will have a test pool. If both parties throw the same sign, test pools will be compared, the higher test pool wins. If the test pools are equal, then the parties will throw again, until winner is determined. Each party may use ONE retest.

Test Pools are a value of an attribute rating + ability rating + epic attribute rating + miscellaneous bonus. Miscellaneous bonuses may come from magic items, knacks, boons, or stunting.

Retests: Players may spend 1 point of Legend for a retest. Alternatively they may channel a Virtue for a retest.

Puny Mortal: When attempting a static challenge a player may call for a Puny Mortal task. This may only be attempted before any signs are thrown. The player then declares their test pool to the ST, if the test pool is at least twice the difficulty of the static challenge, then the player auto succeeds with no need to throw, otherwise the challenge continues as normal.
Puny Mortal may also be attempted in combat. In that case, both Parties declare their test pools to the ST, and he will determine whether the Puny Mortal succeeds or a challenge is thrown.

channels: Each Story arc a player gets a number of Virtue and Legend channels equal to their rating in the appropriate Trait. Virtues may only be channeled for a retest when performing an action that the Virtue would uphold. Examples include resisting physical torture with Endurance, making a work of art with Expression, or facing off against an enemy with Vengeance. To channel a Virtue, you must spend a willpower and mark off a channel of said Virtue. You are then able to retest the challenge with a bonus equal to your Virtue rating on the test pool. You may also declare channeling a Virtue prior to throwing the challenge, increasing your test pool prior to the throw, and have a free retest for it. You may have a single channel in a Virtue refreshed with stunting, see stunting for more details.
channeling Legend must be done before you throw the challenge, and has no cost other than using up a channel use. When you channel your legend, you add twice your Legend Rating to your test pool, and may be used in conjunction with Virtue channels. Legend channels do NOT give any retests. Legend channels are unable to be refreshed prior to the story arc changing.

Stunting: Stunting is not mandatory , but highly encouraged when ever possible. Any action, requiring a challenge, may be stunted. The ST will assign a value of 1 to 3 on a stunt for players. If the player succeeds on the stunt, they regain a number of Legend points equal to the value given, also this value is added to the player’s test pool for the challenge. When an npc stunts, players will award a value of 1 to 3 to the ST. Should a player get a 3 point stunt, they may alternatively regain a Virtue channel, in an appropriate Virtue for the action, instead of the Legend Points. Taking a Virtue channel requires telling the ST at the completion of the challenge. Remember you only regain Legend or channels if you succeed at the challenge. A 0 point stunt (i.e. not stunting) is, “I swing my sword at npc #1.” A 1 point stunt would be, “I swing my sword in low trying hamstring my enemy.” A 2 point stunt would involve utilizing your environment and/or other players, “I hop up, kick off of Dave’s shield, lunging myself full force into the chest of Nikolai.” A 3 point stunt is difficult to describe, but it will make any one listening go “WOW!” I will reiterate that any action can be stunted, even research or crafting. Just use your imagination and describe the what your character is doing. Please note, that there are no secondary throw for stunts, what you describe happens, as long as the ST allows it. Some rules on stunting, you can not describe your enemy falling into a pit of lava, but throwing dirt in his eyes for a momentary distraction is okay. It is all about descriptive, imaginative thoughts.


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